• Tips to Reduce ADHD Medication Side Effects in Adults

    Source: Web MD

    If you have adult ADHD, medications can bring about huge improvements in your life, restoring your focus and giving you back a feeling of control. But for some people, these drugs come with a price – side effects.

    Most of the time, ADHD medication side effects are mild — like upset stomach or insomnia — and fade after a few weeks or months of treatment. Other times, side effects can be more problematic. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do – on your own and with your doctor — to ease your symptoms and smooth out your treatment.

    Here’s a rundown of some of the most common ADHD medication side effects along with tips on what to do about them.

    Adult ADHD Medication Side Effects

    There are four stimulant medicines that are FDA-approved for adult ADHD: Adderall XR, Focalin XR, Vyvanse, Quillivant XR, and Concerta. Ritalin, which is prescribed for children with ADHD, is also used to treat adult ADHD symptoms. There’s also one nonstimulant medication, Strattera, approved for adult ADHD. But while the drugs are different, they tend to cause a similar set of side effects.

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