• Top 10 signs of ADD in the driver’s seat…

    Top 10 signs of ADD in the driver’s seat… 

    [By Jennifer M. 7-6-07] 

    Beware, Be Aware and Be compliant of your meds (and the laws)! 

    You find yourself…

    10. trying to drive and find a trash bag

    9. trying to drive and find the ringing phone

    8. trying to drive and see who called since you couldn’t find the phone in time

    7. trying to drive and look for police cars hidden on exits when you realize you were accidentally speeding

    6. trying to drive the speed limit and get around the car in front who won’t move to save his life (doesn’t the person realize that you are running a little late?)

    5. trying to drive and save the number of the person who called

    4. trying to drive and enter the caller’s name since you already have 3 unknown saved numbers because you forgot to save owners’ names

    3. trying to drive and fold up the sweater in the seat beside you that got bunched up between all of your bags and bottles in the “empty” passenger seat

    2. trying to drive and gather up all the trash in your sitting/reaching area

    1. parking the car and putting the trash in the bag and remembering to take it along with all of the bags, bottles, and newly folded sweater into the office. 

    “You can only imagine where I observed these behaviors this week?” [JM] 


    Note: The Top 10 List will be a regular feature in the ADHD Success Newsletter and the ADHD Center for Success blogsite. Please send your personal Top 10 List to me by clicking here.



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