• Weather Postpones “ADHD At Work” Seminar

    Good news, Bad news…

    Mother nature had her way last night and the Feb 4 seminar “ADHD At Work: Maximizing Your Effectiveness” was canceled at the last minute due to light snow and freezing rain.

    The good news is 37 people registered for this highly anticipated seminar so the seminar will be rescheduled and a new date will be determined early next week.

    **Seminar Rescheduled – Tues, March 2

    Coach Rudy Rodriguez, of the ADHD Center for Success will present a free, interactive seminar – “ADD at Work: Maximizing Your Effectiveness”. The seminar will identify and discuss the behavioral challenges common to ADHD adults and review practical strategies to create success in life and at work. Seminar topics include ADD/ADHD self management techniques, tips for maintaining routine and structure, overcoming procrastination, overwhelm, and managing projects more effectively.

    ADHD at the worksite can be a significant issue for the adult with ADHD but also the organizational worksite. It is now recognized that adult ADHD is both under recognized and under treated in our country. This fact alone has implications to the ADHD adult but consider the costs to the employer organization. (see related article)

    To register in advance visit: http://www.abtech.edu/sbc/class_schedule.asp.

    ~Coach Rudy Rodriguez

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