• What do you really want in 2009? (Part-2)

    Can you believe it, the first quarter of 2009 is nearly history. As your ADHD Coach I want to check in to see how well have you done with creating the results you really want in 2009?

    In Part-1 of this article series I discussed how the end of any year (2008) was a great time to review what was working and not working for you that created your end results 2008. And finally, the end of the year is also a wonderful time to look into your future to design a vision of how and where you’d like to see yourself at the end of ‘2009′.

    Now, as we approach the end of the first quarter of 2009 the question is – “How have you done thus far in 2009”? Are you creating your desired results? What is working for you? What is not working for you?

    Are you still interested in creating some rock solid success results in 2009? Do you have an effective plan? Let’s review the following success steps:

    • First, get crystal clear of what you REALLY want (to create) for your life. I’m not talking about a good idea. I’m talking about something that you REALLY want. Something that gets you real excited and gets your juices flowing when you think about having it or achieving it.
    • Second, sit down and write a single page description about how your life will benefit, how will it be different as a result of having or achieving this (what you want). Be very descriptive and write it with emotion and excitement. Write it descriptively as if you are watching a movie play out before your eyes. The more emotion you evoke the more powerful this statement will be for you.
    • Next, define your timeline or due date for having or achieving your desired result. When coaching my clients, I like to know the ‘what’ by ‘when’. Tell me WHAT you intend to do, by WHEN. Without this step even great ideas remain simply ‘good ideas’. This is your means of measuring your progress and allows you to make adjustments as needed.
    • Finally, there is a tendency for adults with ADHD to “Do it alone”, to be the “Lone Ranger”. All highly successful people have someone else or others to support them. Identify an ‘Accountability Buddy’ – someone who will support you during your successes and breakdowns. Most important is your willingness to be 100% transparent and accountable to your ‘Accountability Buddy’. Again, successful people do not live in isolation.

    Question: Are you truly inspired to make your 2009 a memorable and successful year?

    If you answered YES, then why not have CoachRudy parter with you to create the results ‘You REALLY Want In 2009’?

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