ADHD At Work

Mental-health professionals estimate that 9 million adults in the United States have ADHD.

ADHD in Relationships

Do the symptoms of ADHD strain your relationship? If so, you aren't alone.

ADHD and Children

The good news is that there are effective and loving ways to parent children with ADHD.

ADHD Medications

Researchers have identified how stimulant medications help to reduce motor activity.

Latest From The Blog

  • Launches New Resources to Help Students with ADHD

    By Richard Chang has launched a series of articles and teaching resources designed to address the learning challenges associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The 15 articles and 53 lessons have been released in conjunction with ADHD Awareness Month […]

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  • The Upside of ADHD

    by Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects a person’s ability to focus, pay attention, or control their behavior. Healthcare providers usually diagnose this condition in childhood. However, some people are not diagnosed […]

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  • Study Looks at How Adults With ADHD Compensate

    By Neil Petersen
    When you have ADHD, you find ways to compensate. Many people with ADHD start intuitively developing coping strategies before they even know they have ADHD.
    These strategies can range from seeking out an ADHD-friendly work environment to finding an […]

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  • Can an Adult Develop ADHD?

    By Linda Mintle
    Sally is now 25-years-old and has noticed how much her inattention is creating problems at her job. At home, she easily loses things, can’t get organized and is highly distractible. Her friend, who has been diagnosed with ADHD since […]

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  • Why You Lash Out — Sometimes for No Good Reason

    By Sandy Maynard
    Do you lash out when your spouse reminds you — nicely — to take out the dog or pick up a gallon of milk? Do you fly off the handle when the boss asks you to turn in […]

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  • Step Up and Speak Out About ADHD

    ADHD is a medical disorder, affecting more than 15 million Americans, with symptoms — distractibility, impulsivity, hyperactivity — that seriously interfere with the ability to function. But children and adults with ADHD can do well, even excel, when they receive […]

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  • Smile — It’s ADHD Awareness Month!

    By Jonathan Mooney
    I have attention deficit disorder (ADHD), and I wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, I’m working to change society’s understanding of ADHD.
    You know me. I was that kid in elementary school, the little redhead who was […]

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  • Why Sugar Is ADHD Kryptonite

    By Additude editors
    Deficiencies in certain types of foods can worsen ADHD symptoms in children and adults. An ADHD diet that ensures you’re getting adequate levels of the right foods optimizes brain function.
    Protein. Foods rich in protein — lean beef, pork, […]

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  • How to Build Better Habits: 6 Tricks for Adults with ADHD

    Establishing a new behavior or building new and healthier habits is a tall order for most of us with ADHD. We get distracted or change our game plan after a week, despite our best intentions. When we miss a day […]

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  • Homework Help! A System That Works for ADHD Children

    By Additude editors
    Homework isn’t easy for children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD). They have to copy assignments, bring home the right books, and keep track of due dates — all difficult tasks for children with poor focus, attention, or […]

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